We can deliver our luxury trailers to a huge variety of locations, including farms, vineyards, parks, restaurants, warehouses, retail buildings, parks, private estates, and much more.

Whether your venue is in need of additional restrooms or is starting from the ground up and completely off-grid, we’ll create the perfect restroom solution for you.

We will quickly change your impression of what mobile bathrooms can be. Our restrooms are installed in a trailer, which will be towed to your event space and placed in the most optimal position. Each trailer has two clean and spacious bathroom units. Our luxurious portable toilets have running water with a sink basin and a flushing toilet. In addition, each unit has electricity and climate control capabilities to ensure that your guests are comfortable regardless of the environmental conditions outdoors. They even are equipped with Bluetooth stereo! We believe that portable toilet rentals should not be an eyesore at your event. The exterior of the trailer is clean and well-maintained. Inside each restroom unit, you will likewise find an impeccable space that will continue to be clean and well-maintained throughout the event. Even the flooring is premium! We can even provide specialized décor in each facility so that the restroom trailer can be seamlessly integrated into your event. ‚Äč